Refund Policy

You must verify the quantity and quality of purchased Products upon delivery and if any of the Products are faulty or incorrectly supplied notification to Jalmac Sales & Marketing T/as BFM Alfresco must occur within seven days of receipt. Failing to respond within 7 days may result in rejection of your claim.

To claim a refund or exchange, you must contact Jalmac Sales & Marketing on 0800 726 713 prior to returning the Product in order to obtain a claim number. If approved, Jalmac Sales & Marketing will issue you with a Return Authorisation Form. The Return Authorisation Form must accompany the Product(s) when they are returned to Jalmac Sales & Marketing.

Jalmac Sales & Marketing T/as BFM Alfresco will only accept returns of unused Products in their original condition and packaging.

Jalmac Sales & Marketing T/as BFM Alfresco has the right to refuse to accept any Products which are returned without the relevant paperwork attached. This includes a Return Authorisation Form and Purchase Receipt.

When returns are received in full, Jalmac Sales & Marketing T/as BFM Alfresco will reimburse the value of the returned Products within 30 days. Delivery charges will be borne by the consumer.